Pinup Xəbərlər

Prizes for answering questions: Pin Up promotion

Answer the questions of the sports world and get up to 80 AZN! The weekly Pin Up for Connoisseurs is a guaranteed way to apply your knowledge.

Tuesday - Thursday 00:59 GMT+4 (until Wednesday 20:59 UTC). There are always three questions. The amount of the prize depends on the number of correct answers:

  • 20 AZN per person;
  • 40 AZN for two;
  • 80 AZN for three.

To participate in the quiz, you need to register an account on After that, a pop-up window will be displayed on all pages of the site.

It doesn't matter if you closed the quiz without answering. Click the button below, then click the Submit Reply button and claim your reward. This week's topic is   Super Bowl LV !